Star Wars Ep. VIII: The last Skywalker

The previous Star Wars movie left a bad taste in my mouth; that was the taste of a stale, re-heated meal you used to love, but now tastes like shit. So, you can expect me to have had some hesitations when going to see this one. I wanted, nay, needed this to be better, to cleanse the bile from the last one. Let’s just say that it wasn’t a full blast of Listerine, but it did some cleansing. I still have some bits of porg stuck between my teeth.

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Aquamax: How H2O-man got his golden toothpick back

Let’s get this out of the way first before I begin tearing this movie to shreads: Aquaman is a joke of a character. His super-power is talking to fish. And Karathen apparently. Other than that what we get in this 120 minute long SFX orgasm is a movie that is the equivalent of of a tofu steak. It looks delicious, but tastes like sewage water.

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No Man’s Player One: The postmodern issue

Last week I went to the cinema and chose to see the latest film from one of my idols, Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One. That was my first mistake. The second one was that I stayed throughout this 2 HOURS 20 MINUTES-long pile of puke-evoking, mind melting empty shell of a movie. I should have left the theater in the first 10 minutes. But no, I remained transfixed in my seat as the horrible images of chaos, nonsense and sheer stupidity flashed before my eyes. Alex from A Clockwork Orange had a better time during his rehabilitation treatment.

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Feline politics & corporate manipulation: The case of the Black Panther

This is it folks, the first (sic!) black superhero film with an almost entirely black cast and a black director talking about black history and issues revolving around black people in black countries in the dark continent. If you believe the hype about this movie then Black Panther should be the bastard son of MLK and Malcolm X with a black power agenda turned up to 11.

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